• English version by Esther Kissling, penciler, inker, colourist.
  • German version by Florian Burckhardt, idea, script, lettering.
  • Norwegian version by Hege Line Løwer. Hege is an epidemiologist at the Norwegian Folkehelseinstituttet, Oslo, doubling as a teacher in health promotion for children.
  • French version by Vincent Auvigne. He can be contacted at
  • Portuguese version by Marion Mühlen.
  • Spanish version by Martha.
  • Chinese version by Wei Cai. 
  • Russian version by Inna. 
  • Czech version by Michaela Špačková.
  • Danish version by Steen Ethelberg and his kids.
  • Hebrew version by Michael „Mixi“ Naveh.
  • Persian version by Dr. Reza Assadi

Help us translating „The Disease Detectives“ into YOUR language! Download the translation package (3.9 MB), it contains all files necessary, including instructions and this video

The comic was first introduced at ESCAIDE 2007 conference with this poster. The Disease Detectives comic was featured in the November 2008 issue of Eurosurveillance.